Join us for coffee, tea or Kangen Water...
You will not believe the changes you can make just by drinking
the ‘Organo Gold’ coffee or tea and mixing it with Kangen Water. Your whole body will change, but you have to be willing to change. If you cannot see how CHANGE will help you, then go to the web site:
Donations graceously accepted but not necessary. Just advertise with our marketing portals and we will donate at least $25, at a minimum,
for each new advertisement. Call: 800.347.7638 for details.
Meet us at the ranch or at the beach. Freedom from a cluttered mind set. You will see the difference when you take off the blinders and take a view not normally seen with your own eyes.

Please contact us for details on how your advertising dollars can be donated to our cause without any added cost from your company. As an example, we donate selected portions from revenue generated from marketing and advertising. Thank you.
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